The EU framework program Erasmus+ promotes cooperation in the field of education with the aim of creating a common European education area. From the total budget of approximately 26 billion euros, projects in the areas of school, vocational/adult education, higher education, as well as in the fields of youth and sports will be funded in the period 2021 to 2027.

The following so-called key actions to promote cooperation and mobility are relevant for the higher education sector:

  • Key Action 1 – Individual Mobility: The line promotes the mobility of students, teachers and higher education staff within and outside Europe, up to the joint development of transnational courses of excellence for highly qualified students that can be completed with a multiple or joint degree.
  • Key Action 2 – Cooperation Projects: Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships promote structured cooperation between European organizations from Erasmus+ Program Countries to support their internationalization activities in different education sectors. The special funding line “European Universities” supports long-term university alliances that aim to combine the strengths and diversity of European research and teaching in new structures to meet Europe’s challenges.
  • Key Action 3 – Policy Support: The aim is to strengthen European education systems. The publication of calls takes place irregularly and is thematically oriented towards the respective political priorities of European education policy.

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