Leuphana University Lüneburg, Research Service

Building 10, 2nd floor
Universitätsallee 1
21335 Lüneburg

Leuphana Research Service

Research Service

Advisory & Support

Leuphana Research Service offers comprehensive support for applications with national and international funding organisations. In addition to application and project support, the service unit, which also operates the Research Information System and supports the Ethics Advisory Board, accompanies research communication activities. As an integral interface, Leuphana Research Service offers the following services to strengthen EU research activities:

  • funding research and application advice
  • qualitative support of the entire application process (from proposal preparation to interview preparation)
  • administrative support for project teams through coordination of internal and external bodies (finances, contracts, reporting, special issues, audits)
  • support (coordination) on topics such as research data management, open access, ethics, gender, intellectual property rights
  • support for internal funding instruments (start-up funding, conference support))
  • training on research-related EU programmes
  • research communication

Contact persons

Anke Zerm

Head of Research Service

Phone: +49 4131 677-1692

E-Mail: anke.zerm@leuphana.de

Web: Research Service

Dr. Susanne Hinck

EU Advisor

Phone: +49 4131 677-1448

E-Mail: susanne.hinck@leuphana.de

Web: Research Service

Dr. Katharina Myslowski-Graßmay

Research Communications Officer

Phone: +49 4131 677-1449

E-Mail: katharina.grassmay@leuphana.de

Web: Research Communications