Apl. Professorship Innovation Management and Sustainability at the Department of Economics and Law

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter

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Challenge4Impact (2022-2024)

Scientific contact
Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter

EU-Funding line
Erasmus+ KA 2, Cooperation Partnerships

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arno Kwade

Projektname: „Li-Ion Pilot Lines Network“ (LiPLANET)

Keywords: Energie, Mobilität, Partner

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arno Kwade

Projektname: „Li-Ion Pilot Lines Network“ (LiPLANET)

Keywords: Energie, Mobilität, Partner

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Developing Partnerships for International Virtual Student Business Challenges in Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can only be reached globally. Universities educate the “change agents for tomorrow” and are thus required to enable students to acquire the necessary competencies. 

Challenge4Impact aims to develop new international learning opportunities based on the challenge-based learning approach. Specifically, the objectives of the project are:

  1. Creating a European network and platform for challenge-based teaching and learning in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation
  2. Setting up long-term partnerships and infrastructures for the implementation of international virtual Student Business Challenges in sustainable entrepreneurship
  3. Developing skills and competencies of students (curricular & extracurricular) and business partners in fighting climate change and other sustainability challenges by entrepreneurship
  4. Increasing the quality of challenge-based and digital teaching and learning formats
  5. Establishing impact management procedures and skills that allow to assess and improve the positive impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  6. Working in international teams (students, lecturers, businesses) to share knowledge, values, learning experiences and to prepare students for an international labour market and create the ability to work cross-cultural. 

The network, which emerged from the Erasmus+ project ScaleUp4Sustainability and consists of the University of Oldenburg (DE), the University of Linköping (SE) and the Vennebroek Academic Servicec (NL), will continue its intensive cooperation under the coordination of the University of Oldenburg in the next two years.


Klaus Fichter, Anne Seela


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